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This website is primarily aimed at retired or early retiree's who are living or moving to France.

In it, I have compiled information essential to living here, based both on our own experiences and information I have obtained from others living here and from the Internet.

Everything I have included is to the best of my knowledge correct but would advise anyone to make their own judgement.

We moved here in August 2011 and are still coming across things we do not understand so this site will be on-going and we would encourage anyone to bookmark it and also participate with any useful information

My personal blog about living here can be found at
Life in France

Welcome to our updated site
Moving to France can be quite a daunting experience so I'm hoping to use this site as a source of knowledge for people making the move to France based on our own experience.

I am going to split the site into sections and try to give detailed information for the usual things that most people need to know about.

If anyone would like to contribute relevant information, I would be happy to use it and of course give credit. There is a contact form to use
Useful Web Sites
Freeocr free optical charactor reader, useful for translating documents
Translate Google's translation site, use in conjunction with freeocr or just type in the words
Bus Timetables
Online bus timetables for Finistere

Brittany Ferries Ferry schedules and prices

France Guide The official French guide in English.

EDF French electricity company website.

France Mostly for visitors to France

Chamber of Commerce French chamber of commerce in the UK.

British Corner Shop Cant live withouth those British foods? This online shop delivers.


The first problem that the majority of people moving to France will come across is the different language.
I cannot stress enough how important it is to use whatever French you have whenever you can.
In our experience French people find it impolite if you do not at least attempt to speak some French but once you do will make every effort to help you out

Britonlineshopping Online supermarket shipping British food
Update Spring 2013 Downloadable files giving information and help on filling in French Tax returns, please click here
Video of the day
This is a fun section of the site with, hopefully, a daily video, that I've found funny, useful or informational. This does get updated often, if not daily so don't forget to bookmark it if you like it or better still subscribe.

I hope you enjoy these as much as me