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French Taxation an explanation of all French taxes by the "PUBLIC FINANCES GENERAL DIRECTORATE"to be paid by residents in English. This is in PDF format, very detailed and is 107 pages long.

Blevins Franks Tax guides
French Tax Returns

I am hoping that the enclosed PDF forms with notes will help people filling in their French tax returns. The notes I've prepared are from information I have researched and used for my own returns which I submitted for the first time last year. These were accepted without question by the French tax authorities but of course I can give no guarantee over this and urge anyone to do their own research.
They are based on my own circumstances which although not applicable to everyone should be helpful to a lot of people in the same position as myself based on the following criteria.
1 Receiving a standard old age pension
2 having a couple of small private pensions
3 receiving some income from interest on captital
I have also tried to include some notes for some things that may be applicable to others although not for me ie: Government pensions etc.
Please note the copy of the forms shown are for 2011 ( 2012 accounts ) as I do not have this year's available to me yet. However I believe that they should be very similar and it should be obvious from my notes where to include the various figures etc
For this year 2013 you will need to provide all worldwide income for the year 1st January 2012 to the 31st December 2012

Please click Here for the 3 forms that you will need to fill out