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Whilst the majority of this site is to try an provide useful information for others like ourselves who are moving or have moved to France, I have added this page as a bit of fun.
I often come across videos that I find amusing, funny or just very informational so I am going to embed videos here on a regular ( hopefully daily ) basis.
To make things easier for anyone interested if you complete the form opposite I will send an email link each time that I update. I hope you enjoy these.
A clip from BBC's Human Planet Artic program showing 3000 reindeer crossing a mighty stretch of water
Ozzie, the amazing acrobatic dog.

I don't know how many hours this must have taken but this dog really is amazing...all for a reward of retrieving a frisbee.
Amazing piano playing by a 4 year old!
An incredible video of an octopus escaping through an impossibly small hole
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Some stunning views over Niagara falls from a quadcopter.
Best viewed in full screen plus audio

This really is a "Boy's Toy"
A huge underwater gas platform off the coast of Norway the size of a football pitch
Some original footage of the famous Syndney Harbour Bridge being constructed