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CLEISS A useful link to the English version of the French Social Security System.
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Health care is one of the first things that people moving to France will want to look into and registering for the state health service "Caisse Primaire d'Assurance Maladie" ( CPAM ) should be a priority .

The first thing to do is to apply for a S1 form from the Department for Work and Pensions, the details as follows:

The Pension Service,
International Pension Centre,
Tyneview Park,
NE98 1BA,
telephone 0191 21 87777.

You will need to apply just before moving abroad, the form will be sent direct to your new address in France.

You can register with any doctor of your choice.Both you and the Doctor have to fill in a form ( Cerfa form No 12485*01 Déclaration de Choix du Médecin Traitant ) online form available in website column

You will then need to take both of these to the local CPAM office ( address can be found from the Marie's office ) along with a lot of paperwork as follows:

Birth certificate
Marriage certificate
Proof of address ( Utility bills )
RIB ( This is the slip at the bottom of your French bank account showing the account number etc )
Passport type photos

They will send this away and in a few weeks you should get confirmation in the form of a "Attestation de droits", this is an important document and will be needed for all postal communications. A few weeks later again you should then receive your Carte Vitale

All information on this page is based on our own experiences
AMELI Information in English regarding CPAM
CERFA FORM Doctors registration form

The Carte Vitale should be shown whenever you visit a Doctor, Pharmacy or hospital you will then get a refund direct to your bank of approximately 70% in a few days.

The Standard charge for visiting a doctor is 23 euros which will have to be paid at the time there is a standard deduction of 1 euro which is not reimbursed and also a 50c per item for drugs so for example a visit to the doctors and a prescription for 2 different drugs would mean a refund to your bank of 14.10 euros.

It is advisable to take "Top up" insurance to cover the difference but more importantly to cover things that may be expensive for example hospital visits.

It should be noted that treatment for "Life threatening" ailments ( cancer, heart attack etc ) are covered 100%

Pharmacies are normally open from Monday to Saturday from 08:30 to12.00 and 14.00 to19:30.

If you do telephone for emergency medical help It is quite normal for the response to be from the fire brigade
( Sapeurs Pompiers ) who are fully trained and equipped to deal with medical situations.
Useful Telephone Numbers
112 National emergency number for all services
15 Medical help
17 Police
18 Fire & Accident
SOS112 Emergency website
Latest Update

It now appears that a law requiring birth and marriage cerfificates is being enforced. This means that you will have to have them translated into French by a certified translator. While I did not need it myself some friends
who have recently moved here did.
If it is of help they used a David M Bickerton
who they were very pleased with.